St John's Light 5:16 Ministry for the Glory of God!

Let your light shine in front of people. Then they will see the good that you do and praise your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:16

St. John's Light 5:16 Ministry has been in existence since 2013. The team currently consists of 6 members of the congregation who seek out opportunities to help the local communities on behalf of St. John’s. The team is guided by our Father in heaven, our Pastor, and their vision based on Matthew 5:16 (see above).

The team meets frequently, usually after a church service on Sunday. Everyone in the congregation is welcome to join the team or just attend any of the meetings or help at events.

St. John’s Light 5:16 ministries in 2019 included the following:

BABY NEEDS BANK has been in existence since May 2014. It helps local families by providing them with various baby items (diapers, formula, baby food, wipes, baby lotion/wash, clothing, larger equipment, etc.). Most of the clients are referred by Love INC (in the Name of Christ) ( who identifies and qualifies the need. The team strives to be welcoming and form relationships in addition to providing for physical needs. Conversations end with prayer and praise to our Father in heaven.

CLOTHE- A- KID FOR SCHOOL PROGRAM – partnered with Community Congregational Church in Amherst for this year’s clothing distribution event picnic where together we purchased clothing for 35 kids for 17 families! This Lorain County-wide program (coordinated by Love INC) served over 670 children with $60,300 in clothing in 2019!

UPSIDE OF DOWNS ORGANIZATION - donated to the Upside of Downs of Northeast Ohio ( to support one of our Baby Needs Bank clients. Her son has Down syndrome and she was a captain of a team for the Upside of Downs run/walk that occurred in August.

CORNERSTONE PREGNANCY SERVICES ( - purchased baby bottles for Cornerstone Pregnancy Services as they indicated this need to the community.

Participated in the Cornerstone Pregnancy Services Walk for Life. The walk began at their facility on Griswold Road with prayer and worship. We then walked, along with Pastor Bill, to St. John’s opened doors where Light 5:16 provided water and access to restrooms before returning to Cornerstone. It was so great to see the walkers and their children fill St. John’s lobby with love and laughter and to be a part of such a wonderful cause!

WINTER COAT OUTREACH (CLOTHE- A- KID FOR SCHOOL FOLLOW UP) - In October 8 Elyria families came to St. John’s for a fall party which included games for the kids and a light meal. These families were the same families we served at our Clothe-A-Kid for School event in August. We again partnered with Community Congregational Church in Amherst for this event which was held under our pavilion and in the gym, where together we were able to purchase winter coats for 28 children!

We were also able to provide the kids with a treat bag for Halloween, backpacks (for those who needed them), and winter headbands/neck bands (which were all handmade by a parishioner at Community Congregational Church). The kids were so excited with their new items!

CHRISTMAS GIVING – supported the St. John’s Women’s Council and Altar Guild Giving Trees ministry with mittens, hats, and scarves (which were donated to the Salvation Army), and pet items (which were donated to the Lorain County Animal Protective League); Donated to Sleep in Heavenly Peach (“SiHP”), Lorain Chapter (, which will enable them to build 2 bunk beds. Also participated in the SiHP bed delivery to 100 children in Lorain County.

In addition, sent Christmas Cards to our Baby Needs Bank and Clothe-A-Kid/Coat Outreach clients with an invitation to join us for our Christmas Eve service.

AREA HOTEL OUTREACH – created and provided flyers for our Christmas Eve service at 6 area hotels. The hotels also have been provided with St. John’s brochures that include general information about our church and worship services. These brochures are available throughout the year at these hotels.


The team has suspended its Semi-Annual Craft & Gift Sales; however, still has 2 ways they currently raise funds for St. John’s ministry:

1) Learning Center Rentals - St. John's offers rentals in our Learning Center for any event or occasion. At least one Light 5:16 member supervises during the event. All proceeds from the rentals support Light 5:16's community ministry.

2) Donations – Congregation and other donations. If you would like to donate to the Light 5:16 ministry, please indicate this with your cash donation or a check to St. John’s Lutheran Church, leaving your much appreciated donation with our church secretary, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – Noon.

Also for the baby needs bank, donations can be made in the form of product (diapers, wipes, baby wash/lotion), clothing (baby through toddler sizes), books, puzzles, toys, games, stuffed animals, rattles, socks, hats, shoes, bibs, larger equipment (cribs, strollers, high chairs, etc.). These items can be dropped off at the church with our church secretary, Monday through Friday, 8:009 a.m. – Noon.